Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Round Rock Stake is getting bigger!

This Saturday we had a pretty cool thing happen for our ward. We had the ground breaking of our Ward new building. Ok, so this might not seem like a biggie to ya'll (yes I did say ya'll I've been in TX long enough to have earned my right) but it's pretty huge for us. See here is a little insight into our Herdman home, we cannot make it on time to church that is 25 mins away. Like ever. Every Sunday we sneak in during the opening song. Here's the song and dance, Craig hustles the kids in while I try to pretend like we are not making a huge scene. which is so not true because the kids are already jockying to see who can sit next to me. No joke, I'm waiting for the day it's an all out wrestling match. Anyway, while this happens I try not to look at the Bishopric, who the entire time wathces the whole thing. It never fails at least one of them manages to catch my eye. Thats when I have a firm desire to be on Sunday. As a side note did you know you're supposed to wear sunday dress to ground breaking? Uh, I didn't. A little embrassng but I dealt. I was a hottie, yoga pants,tennis shoes and no makeup. I know right? Here is Kaylie participating. What a hard worker she is.

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